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How Kitchen Remodeling Services Can Help You Prepare for the Holidays

Have you ever had to make a chart in order to plan which side dish goes in the oven when and for how long? Have you juggled hot pans with cold-set desserts and scrambled for space? If you love holiday cooking but hate the logistics hassle, considering kitchen remodeling services might be just what you need to help prepare your home for a long haul of holidays.

And just how can taking on a new project help you might wonder? Kitchen remodels can help maximize space, incorporate multi-tasking cooking stations, and simply add beauty to a room where you spend so much of your time. A few helpful upgrades are mentioned here:

Pull-out Drawers and Space-Saving Cabinetry

Older-style kitchen cabinets often have deep shelves, creating hard-to-access caves for your holiday casserole dishes to hide in. Modern kitchen cabinetry better understands the storage needs of a home chef. Consider exploring features like pull-out drawers and pot and pan storage. Add a “Lazy Susan” to your corner shelf or build in a space-saving spice rack. Better cabinetry can make cooking and food storage easier, not just for the holidays but year-round.


It’s nearly impossible to cook without adequate countertop space, or at least it can feel that way. For the holidays you not only have the items you are cooking, but you also have appetizers ready to serve, as well as other food being prepared and/or cooling. Not only do you need space, you need a hard, durable yet easy to clean hard surface for your needs. Holiday kitchen remodeling can help maximize your counter space and minimize cleanup time.

Updated Appliances

Did you know some modern stoves have built-in air fryers? Others have warming zones and/or double ovens. Not to mention the many options available that give all the freezer space you’ll need to maximize your shopping budget. Updating your kitchen provides not only the opportunity, but also the space you need to upgrade appliances. Make room for modern amenities with a remodel. After all, making space for a dishwasher is an excellent way to keep up with holiday dishes!

Kitchen Layout

Speaking of changes, the layout of your kitchen can likely be improved for better use. If you’ve always dreamed of adding a breakfast island for morning family gatherings or wanted to add a window to a dark galley kitchen, this is your chance. By upgrading and updating your kitchen design, you can maximize the opportunities to get room to work and gather without sacrificing utility. Ask your local design experts for ideas and estimates too.

Recoup Some Cash

The holiday season is often about spending money that you simply will never see again. While making memories with friends and family may seem to be a wise and wonderful use of your budget, it won’t necessarily pay the bills come January, or help create long-term savings. Investing in a kitchen remodel will absolutely help you recoup some cash from these holiday expenditures in the long term, however. Kitchen remodels continue to be one of the most sought after and desirable investments you can make in your home. You’ll increase appeal for future buyers, as well as be investing in your home’s equity. And the best part is, you can enjoy overseeing this project now, and continue to reap its benefits for years in the future. 


Don’t hesitate, start planning the kitchen remodel of your dreams for decades of holiday celebrations ahead. You could be stashing those casserole dishes in your pull-out drawers along with that discount stuffing mix. Expand your kitchen counter space for cooking and prep or increase the overall space to make your kitchen more roomy and inviting. Update appliances to minimize single-use countertop solutions and enjoy the extra amenities. Even better, kitchens pay off in long-term home improvements

To learn more, or to get started designing the kitchen of your dreams, the trusted professionals at Ripcord Construction are here to help you select quality, functional materials and start turning your kitchen dreams into reality today!

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