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How Remodeling Your Basement Impacts the Value of Your Home and Family

Although it is out of sight, oftentimes not used for anything else but storage, and likely somewhat neglected, your basement is space that can be put to good use. Even more importantly, remodeling a basement can add fiscal value to your home. This is particularly important for anyone planning to sell a home in the near future.

If you’re not planning to sell, you can bring value to your family life with a space dedicated to enjoying fun activities and spending quality time together. For instance, your basement could be a theater room where family movie nights are frequently enjoyed, or a game room where fun family favorite games are played. It could also be a den, office, playroom, or any special space. 

Basement Types 

While some basements are completely custom, there are typically three common types:

1) A Walk-Out Basement

This basement option has a door and windows. The door will typically be a sliding, full-size that opens out into an outdoor space like a backyard or garden. Homes with this basement type present the homeowner with the option of renting it out as a separate space to either a long-term tenant, or as short-term weekend or vacation rentals, generating additional income.

2) Standard Lot Basement

This basement type is underground. It usually has concrete walls and minimal natural light coming in, typically from a window placed close to the ceiling. Usually the main level is a few feet above the ground, so there are steps to get from the main floor to the outdoors. 

3) A Garden-Level Basement

This basement type is pretty common in big cities where space is scarce and buildings are tall, is something between the first two, and are often used as apartments. It is partially below the ground and partially above it because it has a slope. It may have small and large windows, but it will typically not have a door that opens out into an exterior space. Although, depending on your plans for a space, a contractor can almost always turn any into a space that will work.

Before Your Basement Remodel, Consider This

While your contractor can handle guiding you through the specifics of your project, there are some factors worth your consideration beforehand. They include:

Local Building Laws

In most areas, you will find that a permit is required to do any remodeling. If you live in an area that is governed by a HomeOwners Association (HOA), be sure to confirm that your remodeling plans will not be breaking any laws which could cost you fines. You can also be fined for work started without a permit. A reputable professional contractor will insist on one.

Determine Your Basement’s Function

You also need to decide what the basement will be used for. The design and other specific details will likely differ if you want to turn it into a space you can rent as opposed to using it for personal entertainment or an additional/guest bedroom.

The Floor Plan

You will need to provide a floor plan when applying for your permit. In most cases, today’s buyers favor open floor plans. To help in keeping fixtures typically housed in basements like water heaters, furnaces, pipes and electrical boxes to be out of sight, it’s advisable to bring in a contractor. They can help ensure the plan you have is executed in the space you have.

Walls and Floors

Work out details like the ceiling height and the type of flooring you want installed. Ideally, these will match the rest of the house so that the basement blends cohesively. With that done, you can then make decisions about doors and windows. Do consider ease of access in regard to the entry door, and making the most of natural light when it comes to the windows.


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