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How Siding Can Make Your Metro Detroit Home More Energy Efficient

New siding can give your Metro Detroit home an updated, polished look and undeniable curb appeal. Little attracts both compliments and potential buyers like a house that looks sharp, modern, and cared-for. Whether or not you intend on selling your home, new siding is a sound investment in terms of longevity.But, did you know that siding can do more than give your home a gorgeous appearance? Siding, especially siding designed with temperature retention in mind, can make your home more energy efficient. That translates to lower energy bills each month, and tremendous savings for you! Keep reading to find out how siding can give your home an efficiency boost!

New Siding Removes Old Damage to Your Home’s Exterior

You see your home every day, so you may not realize how much weathering houses withstand from the elements over time. Furthermore, not all signs of wear and tear are  visible during a casual inspection. Small cracks and other signs of wearing away may exist where we can’t see them, which slowly leaks the hot or cool air from the inside, reducing the home’s energy efficiency.New siding repairs this damage and returns your home to a more efficient state. Fresh siding is an investment that will pay for itself over time through lower energy bills. You may even qualify for assistance and rewards from local energy conservation initiatives.

New Siding Updates Your Home’s Energy Efficiency with Modern Materials

Most siding from any era will help your home conserve energy. Yet modern advances in both materials and installation processes have created vast improvements over earlier, outdated siding construction. You will find that the latest in siding innovations offer surprising upgrades over the siding available years ago.

Today, you have a generous array of options to choose from when it comes to siding styles, colors, materials, and enhanced energy efficiency. Many siding materials, such as vinyl, can be recycled, giving them an edge in environmental responsibility. Other styles of siding have been designed with energy efficiency in mind, making them an excellent choice to stand up against Detroit’s weather extremes.

Conserving Another Sort of Energy – Yours!

It’s not all about your utility bills. Updated siding has another, unexpected benefit: noise reduction. Anyone who has lived next door to neighbors who entertain often, late into the night, or insist on mowing the lawn at seven in the morning understands the drain that can pose on personal energy and sleep quality.

Modern siding has the benefit of reducing noise by a potential 40%. This can help you block out road noise or airport noise. It can also keep the whine of your neighbor’s weed whacker where it belongs, letting you sleep more peacefully.

Additional Savings in Maintenance Costs

Modern siding has incredible durability when compared to outdated siding materials. It holds up to extreme weather, including wind and winter ice, and requires fewer repairs. The durability is also improved over earlier siding, meaning longer intervals between siding replacements.


Is your siding costing you money every month on higher energy bills? Has it been years since you’ve considered the state of your siding? Vote 4 the Best 2021-2022 Winner, Ripcord Construction offers a variety of material options, including energy-efficient siding designed to improve your home’s energy conservation. Lower your bills while giving your home an updated look, request your free estimate today! 

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